Latest News // 2021-10-11

Decentralised blockchain to power the in-game Economy selected - SOLANA base

ProtoRealityGames selects Solana blockchain for DO119

For the flagship maiden game title of wildcat studio startup ProtoReality Games, the team announce the consideration selection of Solana blockchain for Derivative Outstation 119.

In line with Creating the Future, and in keeping with the principles of Solana to power Web3 as the fastest blockchain in the world at scale, we actively out select Solana over other competitors.

The in-game economy of the PRGC token, which will be the cross game utility token solution for all ProtoReality Games going forward, will initially provide the infrastructure for the narrative of Derivative Outstation 119. Inside the flagship product it will enable the integration of entertainment, commerce, and communication.

This futuristic implementation of Solana will provide another world first in the RPG genre, with the dystopian explorative Play-&-Earn environment of DO119.

Pushing boundaries to the Edge Limit.